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Internal Rules

Adult Divisions


(All tournament proposals by the athletic director will be subject to approval by authorized team representatives)



MBSL operates accordingly with USSF and FIFA Laws of the game.

MBSL is also affiliated to California Soccer Association North.


RULE I-2 Teams, Players, and Coaches


Team Registration

Team registration must be done at the league’s office, all required forms must be filled out and signed, and all necessary fees must be paid by the given due date.


Team registration with CSAN is valid for one calendar year (September 1 – August 30) Teams must renew their registration 1-month prior the end of the calendar year, this includes filing of required forms, and payment of all necessary fees.


Teams must have one coach and at least seven players in order to be eligible to participate. Teams must pay for the total of players stipulated for the current playing season, regardless of the number of players registered.


Teams can register one main coach, and two assistant coaches. The number of players that can register and the minimum of players that a team must register vary and are subject to change for each season.


Players and Coaches Registration


Player registration must be done at the league’s office, online, or by phone; all required forms and information must be submitted, and necessary fees must be paid. Players registering by phone will be giving consent and authorization to register and abide by all rules by all waivers for release of liability.


Player, coach, and assistant coach registration will end three weeks prior to the end of the regular tournament.


Players must participate in at least three games during the regular season in order to be eligible to play in playoffs or semifinals. Injured players and military students will be exempt, but such player must be reported to the MBSL and the required medical and school reports must be submitted to the administration prior to registering and allowing the player to register and or participate in play offs and semifinals.



Once a player registers with a team, player is aware that he must remain with that team for two complete consecutive seasons. Players turn into free agents after playing their second seasons. Coaches are not under contract and are considered free agents at all times. All team owners/managers must submit a transferable players list to the MBSL registrar at the end of each season, if no such list is provided to the registrar within four weeks after the end of the season, all the players in the team will be considered transferable.


Coaches, managers, and team representatives will not be allowed to release players, without first verbally notifying them.


Players may request their authorized team representatives to be released provided that both the representative and the players are in agreement. Players who wish to become transferable will be notified by the MBSL registrar’s at his/her convenience when all the release and transfer forms have been submitted and signed by the team representatives. MBSL will not be responsible for any verbal, written, or monetary treaties between team owners, coaches, and players. MBSL does not support this type of transactions.


Player releases will be allowed up to six weeks before the end of the tournament.




At least one team on each division will be relegated to the lower division, based on the following criteria:


Last teams of each division on the general standings table.


Teams who drop out of a season, and decide to continue the following season will be descended to the lower division automatically.


In order to determined tiebreakers for descending teams, the following criteria will be used in the following order:


  • Goal Difference
  • Scores
  • Wins
  • A tie breaking game may be scheduled if necessary





Each team must bring at least two soccer balls #5 in good condition for each game.

A proper ball will meet the criteria as described on FIFA RULE #2

Teams that do not abide by this rule will be fined $10 for each incident.



During a game all teams must follow the FIFA RULE #3 with a maximum of 12 substitutions. In and out substitutions are allowed in both halves of the game for first division and in the second half of the game for Premier division. Substitutions must be done one at-a-time.



All players must follow FIFA RULE #4

All starters and substitute players must present their player cards issued by CSAN to the assigned officials in order to be eligible to participate, unless the league has permitted an alternate form of identification. This will be marked on the roster and noted by the center referee or the assistant referee.


All teams must have an alternate uniform. If during a game both of the competing teams have similar or the same uniform, home team must use their alternate uniform or may use training pennies. There will be a $25 fine assigned to teams that do not have an alternate uniform or pennies.



Substitute players must remain inside the designated area during the game and during warming up sessions must wear one of the following; training penny, warm up, or vest that allows them to differ themselves from the players in the field.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in $10 fine.

Injured players are not allowed on team bench.



If a team does not have enough players at kick off (at least 7 players) team captain or authorized representative must request an additional 15 extra minutes of wait time to the referee officials.



All teams are required to pay referee fees at least 24 hours before their game in order to be scheduled. Teams that fail no notify and do not show up to a scheduled game will incur a $50 fine and must reimburse the opponent team of their referee fees for that game. This fine must be paid in order for the team to be eligible to play again. Teams that incur three loses resulting from the above mentioned circumstances will be suspended from the tournament and relegated to a lower division if applicable.



Teams will be awarded three points for a victory, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. Games that result in forfeiture will be marked as 2:0 against the losing team and three points will be awarded to the opponent team. Goals will not be given to any of the players on the winning team for a forfeited match.



Coaches and assistant coaches must present credential to officials before the start of the game in order to be eligible to direct the team.

All teams must have at least one coach or assistant coach present in order to start the game. In special cases, if no coach or assistant coach is present, if coaches or present coach is sent off from the game, the team captain may take their place, but the player must act strictly as a coach and will not be able to play. Games will not be cancelled if a coach or assistant coach is sent off during the game.


All coaches and assistant coaches are required to remain in the designated area and bench assigned to their team while the game is in play.



A first aid kit is required at all games. Teams that do not have a first aid kit in hand at all games will incur a $25.oo fine.



At the start of the game, all fans must remain on the opposite side of the coaching or bench area or at least 20 yards away on open fields depending on space. In stadiums, all fans must remain on the bleachers. Having any unauthorized person near the coaching area or on team bench will incur the responsible team(s) a $50 fine.



Rosters must be signed either by the coach, assistant coach, or captain. It is recommended that the team representative reviews and verifies all information and data such as goals, yellow cards, and send offs are accurately marked and recorded. The officials must have all notes and information ready before team representative signs the report.



Any suspicion of “throwing” a match for any reason, including stationing, unfair advantage, point shaving, player feigning injury, forcing player shortage, promote violent conduct during a game, or allowing invasion of field by fans and players, will result in a deduction of 12 points from the standings table and a fine of $ 150.


Any team that allows an “ineligible player” to enter the field as a player, referee will end the game immediately. Team will be liable to a fine of $ 200. Also the player guilty of committing such offense will be suspended for one game and fined $ 20.


If an “Ineligible player” is discovered by the disciplinary board after the game, the team will lose the game if won, the team will be deducted 3 points in the standings, and penalized with a $200 fine. Player will also be suspended for one game and fined $ 20.


A player is considered “Ineligible” if he or she:

  • Does not provide the ID card or player pass and identifies himself as a different player,
  • If the player alters uniform number to match other player pass by any means.
  • If the player is not registered with the league, registered with another team, or is not on the team roster.
  • If the player is serving current suspension.

Player can ask referee official before game that a different jersey number will be used; the official may grant or deny this request.


Second and final breach of this rule will result in suspension of team from the reminder of the tournament a deduction of 12 points and $ 100 fine.




RULE GR-13 Abuse of alcohol and drugs; players and coaches


If a player, coach or trainer is determined to be intoxicated and found to be consuming alcohol, or any drug, he or she will be expelled from the game and will be asked to leave the field completely and that means he cannot remain as a spectator. If the player, coach or coach challenges the order and becomes violent, the referee can communicate with the competent authorities. A minimum of $100 fine will be charged. Repeated offenses will result in a lifetime ban from league.


RULE GR-14 Abuse of alcohol and drugs; FANS

MBSL games are open to the public and consumption of alcohol or use of any narcotic is not allowed in any event sponsored and organized by the League. If members of the arbitral body or executive member of the league determines that any fan is acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she will be asked to leave the premises and if he refuses, MBSL reserves the right to contact law enforcement.




Players, coaches and assistants guilty of littering and urinating in or near any field or stadium used by the league will be fined $ 50 for the first offense and a minimum of one game suspension for the player. Repeat offenders will incur a fine of $ 100 and a suspension to be decided by the Disciplinary Committee.



If a member of any team in the MBSL is guilty of vandalism to facilities, fields, portable toilets or equipment; he or she will be expelled from MBSL, will have to pay for the damages, be subject to police charges, and a lifetime ban from the league.




All teams must help keep school facilities used for games neat and must clear the field area including team bench once their game has ended – this includes clearing and disposing of; water bottles, clothing, and food items. Team that do not clean up after themselves will receive a fine of $ 30.00.



Teams involved in any physical confrontation or pitched battle will result in the game to be cancelled with no points awarded to either team regardless of the score. Teams will also be fined $ 200 and subject to suspension for the rest of season depending on the severity.


Repeat offenders will incur a fine of $ 200 and teams involved will be suspended from the tournament and responsible for paying referee fees for the remaining games.



Referees have the right to stop, suspend, and cancel any game if:

* There are natural environmental causes

* Safety hazards in the field

* Actual physical harm or hostility towards one or all of the referees by the players, coaches, assistants or fans. (Fine of $ 100 per team responsible for the failure to maintain the security of the referees)

* Unable to keep calling game due to injury or disease of the referee.

* Games will be postponed if there were less than 70 minutes played otherwise the score and result will stay intact.

* No refunds for the referee fees will be granted to the teams.

* If there is only one official present. According to FIFA one referee cannot and should not attempt to referee any game. However, the match can be played if both coaches have agreed they want to play the match with only one referee. (This does not apply to presidents cup or Jamboree Tournaments)



If a team is unable to continue a game and the game is stopped due to the lack of players, the following will occur:


If the team that is winning cannot continue, that team will forfeit the game 2-0


If the team that is loosing cannot continue, score will remain the same.


If the game is stopped for lack of players, game will not be replayed or re-scheduled. Team with not enough players will forfeit by default.





Applicable in stadiums and natural fields:


Only water is allowed on synthetic courts and the coaching area and the field of play. Fines will be given to team for breaking this rule.


Sports drinks and water will be allowed only in natural grass courts.


First offense $ 20

Repeat offenders will incur one $ 40



All fans must remain in the designated areas. Only players, coaches, match officials, members of the Executive Committee and designated authorized personnel appointed by the Executive Committee shall be inside the field and or the track. (An exception is the public who use the trail for walking / running the stadium, those who are not spectators)


First offense fine of $ 25

Repeat offenders fined $ 50 




These items are not allowed at any games; Horns, whistles, drums, trumpets, rattles, bicycles, skateboards, fireworks, and obscene spectator signage.


A courtesy warning will be given to anyone in possession of these items and the League reserves the right to expel any person from the premises who refuses to comply with this rule.





Clubs are defined as two or more teams affiliated with each other with respect to share ownership, players and coaches.


Clubs can have only one team in each division.


Club players can play at the top of their division team with a maximum of five per game without being the same in every game. Players going up should be identified by the referee crew and reported to the league office 24hrs before the start of the game. Failure to report to the five players will result in the five players identified in the previous week to be designated as such.


The Premier division team can move up to 3 players down to the First Division during a tournament such players may not return to the top division at that tournament.


Clubs will not be given preference and schedules will not be modified or altered for having players participate in both clubs.


If a “Club player” is expelled in a game on a date, from that moment player becomes ineligible, until the disciplinary members decide sanction. Sanctions will be given based by week not by game.


Disciplinary Procedures and Rights

The Disciplinary Committee of the MBSL consists of at least 5 people; Representatives of teams.

The MBSL is affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and the United Stated Soccer Federation (USSF) through California Soccer Association North (CSAN). Decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee of the MBSL must be appealed to the MBSL first; there is a fee of $10 for all appeals this fee can be up to $100 depending on the severity of the appeal. If the decision is appealed again, the requested must be submitted to the California Soccer Association North (CSAN) in San Francisco, California. If the decision is appealed again after a decision by CSAN: the decision may be appealed to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) in Chicago, Illinois. If the decision is appealed again after a decision by USSF, this decision may be appealed to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA).



Rights of players subject to hearings and sanctions

Players and teams have the right to appeal any decision no later than 72 hours after the decision has been made public through public announcements and the MBSL office. Appeals must be made to the Commissioner of Discipline.


Appeals to MBSL will be subject to a fee of $ 10.


Appeals CSAN be subject to a fee of $ 100


USSF Appeals will be susceptible to a fee determined by USSF


FIFA appeals to be subject to a fee determined by FIFA.





Section 1.

(A) In all hearings conducted under these regulations, the parties shall be granted:

(1) note (notice) of the specific charges or alleged violations in writing and possible consequences if the charges are found to be true;

(2) reasonable time between receipt of the note (notice) of charges and the hearing within which to prepare a defense;

(3) the right to have the hearing conducted at a time and place to make it practicable for the person who is charged to attend;

(4) a hearing before a disinterested and impartial body of researchers;

(5) the right to be helped in filing a case in the hearing;

(6) the right to call witnesses and present oral evidence and arguments and documentary evidence;

(7) The right to confront witnesses, including the right to be provided the identity of witnesses in advance of the hearing;

(8) the right to have a record made of the hearing if desired;

(9) a written note, with explanations of the decision if it is based solely on the evidence in the record, made public in a timely manner, with all the decisions that the Federation announced on the website of the Federation, and sent the Board and all Members of the Organization;

(10) notice of any action determination and materials; Y

(11) regarding communications quality, and no communication from “X” person is permitted between a party and any person involved in making decisions or procedural determinations but proportions except to provide explanations involving procedures to be followed.


701 -1 policy Hearing Procedures

This policy provides minimum rights to each party would have in a hearing with respect to the law, to help you file a case in a hearing, as it should be allowed under Federation Rules 701 (5). These minimum rights apply to hearings conducted by state associations and their members or other disciplinary body. A copy of these minimum rights must be given to the parties involved, with note (decision) hearing.


(A) Each party to a hearing has the right to have any individual present to provide help in presenting the case of the party. This individual may be, but will not be required to be a lawyer.

(B) If the State Association or the member of the Association of State (“Claimant”) is represented by another individual at any hearing and the panel hearing allows the individual to talk, ask the parties and / or witnesses, or give the individual any other rights, then provide all other parties, or the individual who represents the party, including an attorney, the same rights during the hearing as permitted by the individual representing the Claimant.

(C) If a lawyer attends an audition for a part to help make the case for the part, it must be clarified at the outset that any hearing should continue in accordance with the rules Members who hear Organization rules and procedures. All federal, state or local rule Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure shall not apply.

(D) A member organization may provide, as part of its hearing rules and procedures, a person who aids a party may be allowed to speak for the party, may request or may ask questions at the hearing.

(E) Whether the Member Organization allows or does not allow the individual or attending parties, rights to speak, make requests or ask questions, as noted in the paragraph above, an individual who helps the party to submit the If the party has the right to be there physically in the room of hearing and can not interfere with the procedure, also recommended that the individual was sitting next (or back or along the side) so that the party may seek help when necessary while listening.

(F) during the hearing, a party can consult briefly with individual advice before making a statement or request or before answering a question. The panel embodying the hearing may limit the frequency and duration of conferencing not interfere too much with hearing.

(G) If there is confusion or concern, the party may request a recess to consult with the individual to help wing party. Such request should be granted unless the number of requests by one party becomes unreasonable or length of a requested recess is believed by the hearing panel to be unreasonable.

(H) A person who aids a party may prepare written materials to share and gather documents for them. However, the party must submit or must present documents and materials as materials and documents of the party, not the individual aid. The party has complete responsibility for such materials and documents and is susceptible to questions about them.

(I) nothing contained in this policy will prevent an association from the state to allow higher duties to help that those exposed in Paragraphs AH above. For example, a State Association may, but is not obliged to allow more than one person to help one hand at any given time.

(J) The rights, or mandatory or permissible under this policy will be applied consistently, and the Association of State should not allow arbitrary or should reject all the rights forward up to those individuals who help a part in the presentation or defense of the case Part.





Players with an accumulation of five yellow cards will be punished with a one-game suspension and a fine of $10.

All yellow cards accumulated will be cleared at the end of the regular season and will not carry over to the next tournament, playoffs, semi-finals, or final.


Rates for suspensions resulting from a red card

Penalties 1-3 games = $ 20 fine

Sanctions over 3 games = $ 50 fine



Players and coaches ejected by red cards serve a suspension of no less than one game; this sanction will be determined at the discretion of the disciplinary committee. The league will retain all player passes or credentials until suspensions and fines are paid.


Send Off Codes:

2CT-Player that receives a second yellow card in the same game are subject to a 1 game suspension. This sanction can be commuted once per team in a season by paying $40.


DGH-denies the opposing team a goal or denying an obvious goals-coring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball with his hand (this does not apply to the goalkeeper within his own penalty area). It is resulting in one game suspension and $20


DFG- denying the obvious goals-coring opportunity to an opponent goes towards the player’s goal by an offense with a free kick or penalty kick. It is resulting in one game suspension.


SFP-serious foul play is applicable only when the ball is in play and the player is not seriously injured, one game suspension.


VC – Violent conduct, applicable only if the incident occurs without the ball in play, but it happens in the field or around during, before or after the game. The seriousness of the offense will be determined by the referee officials’ report. Offense shall be punished by a minimum of 3 games. A player cannot answer another player’s aggression and declare him/herself innocent.


S – spitting at an opponent or any other person will contract a minimum of 3 games suspension.

AL – use of offensive and abusive language, insults and gestures aimed at players of the same team, the opposing team, coaches, the arbitral body shall be punished by a suspension of at least 2 games.

If a player is ejected from a game for serious foul play or violent conduct, the other player is seriously injured during the incident, the player sent off will be suspended at least 3 games suspension. Furthermore, the player sent off may not play again until the injured player can return to play. The punishment will be based largely on the report of the referee.


RULE R-2 Sent offs

All players, coaches and assistants ejected from by referee will be asked to leave the field and stay at least 30 meters from the perimeter of the field if at an open location. All ejected players, coaches and assistants will be asked by the referee to leave the field and must remain in the bleachers or designated area (applicable in stadiums). If ejected player or coach becomes verbally or physically hostile, he or she will be asked to leave the facility completely. Referee reserves the right to temporarily suspend game to a maximum of 15 minutes to allow for safety to be reestablished. Game will be suspended if the person fails to cooperate. If the match is abandoned, the guilty team will be fined $ 50.





If a player or coach assaults the referee, he will result in a suspension of 6 seasons and a fine of $ 50


Repeat offenders will receive a life ban of the League. Also the League and the referee will be required to report any incident to the USSF CSAN and who subsequently have the right to issue a possible suspension at the national or state level to the guilty parties.


Note: The USSF defines spitting, shoving, slapping, hitting, threatening and insulting towards referees as aggression.



Unsportsmanlike conduct



Players, coaches and assistant coaches that cause, or initiate a pitched battle or mass brawl during or after a game, will be suspended for a minimum of one season and fined $ 50


The Disciplinary Committee of the MBSL has the right to impose sanctions if the situation is considered serious. All measures shall be based on what the referee reports and witnesses.


RULE UC-2 Members Subject to Further Sanctions

Any member of the League who attend any event sponsored by the league and who is currently serving a league suspension and is involved in any unacceptable behavior at any event organized by the league (such as insulting League officials, referees, fans and players) will be subject to serious disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee. Actions will include expanding the current sanctions also impose monetary fines and possible ban from the if determined by the Disciplinary Committee.





Coaches and assistant coaches, who are expelled from the game will be suspended a minimum of one game up to a full season maximum and will have to pay a fine of up to $ 100. All measures shall be based on what the referee and league representatives report.






All fines must be paid on the due date marked on the disciplinary report each week. Team (fine imposed by expulsion), coaches and assistant coaches’ credentials will be held at the league until the fine is paid full. Teams that do not pay fines on time (unless team president make payment arrangements with the league and comply with such arrangement) will loose three points of the overall standings each week that the fine is not paid.



If a player, coach or assistant coach who has outstanding fines at the end of each season, the MBSL will deny them registration for another season until the fine is paid in full.

The teams with outstanding fines will not be allowed to register for another season until the fine(s) is paid in full.



If a team drops out during the regular season with or without informing the MBSL of their intentions, they the following fees will be accumulated:


* Payment of referee fees for the remainder of the season

* Outstanding fines.

* The registration fee for a sum of the number of players required at that current season


All these fees and fines will be consolidated and divided equally among all players, coaches, and assistant coaches registered at the time and will be held equally responsible for withdrawing from the tournament. Theses fees must be paid in addition to the registration fees for the current season if a player wishes to return to the league with another team.


Teams that withdraw from any tournament and wish to return must pay a $ 400 deposit plus all the unpaid fees and fines accumulated at time of dropping out when re-registering the team. The deposit will be used for expenditures in the league.


The deposit will be absorbed by the league and used for expenditures in the league. This deposit will be refunded back to the team if the team remains in the league for two consecutive seasons after re-joining.





Registration for teams

Registered teams will have to renew a new registration every September 1st of each year plus a fee of $ 100 for California Soccer Association North (CSAN)


New teams will have to pay a fee of $ 350 to MBSL and $ 125 new team registration fee to CSAN


Accident Medical insurance for players

All players have to renew the health insurance each year before August 31

First option: $ 31.50 with coverage of $ 25,000 and a deductible of $ 400 for one year

Option two: $ 26 with coverage of $ 5,000 and a deductible of $ 400 for one year




All outputs materials and sports equipment should be made 24 hours before the game. All equipment must be properly placed wherever they’re needed in the field in time before the game begins by teams assigned; this includes items such as: nets and corner flags. Teams that fail to comply with this requirement will be fined $20




Teams that play the last game at any location are required to help collect any equipment at the end of the game and deliver it to the MBSL office by Wednesday. All materials and sports equipment must be returned in the same condition. Lost or stolen items will be charged at replacement cost to all teams responsible for collecting materials.

General Meetings



The MBSL meetings will be scheduled on the last Thursday of the month or when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.


Each team must have at least one representative attended the meeting. No exceptions. A team that does not meet this requirement will incur a $ 50.00 and will be assessed a deduction of one point.




A president or secretary or secretary team arriving at least 15 minutes late to the meeting will be fined $ 15.


A president or secretary team arrive at least 30 minutes late to the meeting will be considered truant and will be fined $ 50.



Only the president and / or secretary recorded each team will be allowed at meetings. Any additional person will be allowed but will have no voting authority. Children will not be allowed under any circumstances.



All meetings will be taken under Roberts Rules of Order, led by the president of the MBSL who will preside over the meeting. The president will speak, all members will have to ask the president for permission to speak or ask questions.

For a quick reference to the rule of order Robert’s Rule refer to:



Only Team president or secretary will be allowed to vote wherever necessary.



The disciplinary committee and the executive committee, have full authority to change, modify, or remove any matter regarding disciplinary sanctions, management of seasons, and monetary amendments. The disciplinary committee and the executive committee are entitled to do, overwrite, cancel, change, and run any decision in the best interest of the MBSL. The MBSL reserves the right to change and make any decision in the best interest of the MBSL.